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Breeder Award Program!

Click HERE to submit your BAP entry! 

Rules & Guidelines

The WVAS Breeder Award Program (BAP) is a point-based award system designed to encourage club members to breed their aquarium animals. The program is open to any club member in good standing. 


Members (who choose to participate) accumulate points for each different species (and/or their color forms) they successfully spawn. Species are listed in six classes based on their respective degrees of difficulty. 


If a species is not listed, it will be judged on an individual basis by a board member and the club's BAP coordinator.

The member entering livestock for BAP points must own the parents of organisms. Ten or more fry/offspring need to survive one month free swimming in order to be considered. Some species have less fry and can be evaluated by the BAP coordinator on an individual basis.

It is a great idea to have another WVAS member view the organism while spawning, raising fry, etc. This is not a rule.


Members wishing to participate DO need to fill out the BAP form for EACH species (and color form within each species) to be considered. In addition, the member must bring 6 individuals from their spawn to the auction, and "BAP" must be indicated on the container. Please bag fish appropriately (click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to view our standards on the care/transportation of livestock).


BAP submission livestock are auctioned off as a donation to the club. Members may opt out of bringing fry to the auction if prearranged with the BAP coordinator and/or board with a valid reason. Bringing fish and other livestock you have produced to the auction shows off your accomplishment (and your fish's, too!)

BAP submissions will be posted on our forum for other members to view, and for you to track your progress. Please provide as much detail as possible when submitting a BAP form. Ideally, BAP submissions will be become an extensive database of information written by members, for members!


  • Novice25 points

  • Intermediate50 points

  • Advanced100 points

  • Senior200 points

  • Master Level 1400 points

  • Master Level 2500 points

  • Culture Award25 points (max) in Class F


Class A: 5 points

  • Livebearers

  • Tanichthyes (White Clouds)

  • Brachydanios

  • Convict Cichlids

  • Tilapia (mouthbrooding)

Class B: 10 points

  • American Flag Fish (Jordanella)

  • Shrimp

  • Badis badis

  • Gouramis (large)

  • Bettas

  • Paradise Fish

  • Tilapia (non mouth-brooding)

  • Copeina sp.

  • Angels

  • Cichlids (mouth-brooding)

  • Pelvicachromis

  • A. cacatuoides

  • Easy & Intermediate Killifish (ask for guidance)

  • Aquidens

  • Geophagus

  • Julidochromis

  • Neolamprologus

  • Rainbowfish

Class C: 15 points

  • ​Small Gouramis

  • Barbs

  • Advanced Killies (ask for guidance)

  • Corydoras

  • Crenicara

  • Oscars

  • Chocolate Cichlid

  • Chromides

  • Pencilfish

  • Microgeophagus

  • Apistogramma

  • Urau

  • Headstanders

  • Goldfish

  • Koi

  • Otocinclus

  • Nannochromis

  • Gobies

  • Cichlasoma

  • Anomalchromis

  • Chromidotilapia

  • South American Cichlids

  • Gudgeons

Class D: 20 points

  • Synodontis

  • Discus

  • Neon Tetras

  • Anableps

  • Hatchetfish

  • Cardinal Tetras

  • Silver Dollars

  • Pantodon

  • Marine Damselfish

  • Glass fish

  • Archer fish

  • Ctenopoma

  • Chocolate Gouramis

  • Axolotl

  • Bumblebee Goby

  • Monos

  • Scatophagus

  • Leporinus

  • Suckermouth Cats

  • Pike Cichlids

Class E: 25 points

  • Arowana

  • Eels

  • Knife Fish

  • Loaches

  • Elephant Nose

  • Pirhana Sharks

  • Seahorses

Class F: 5 points

For all cultivable organisms that provide food to aquatic inhabitants for breeding and raising to adulthood. Examples would include snails, brine shrimp, and worms. Points apply to Culture Award.

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