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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions!

If you still do not see your question answered here, you can contact us at any time. 

What does my membership fee pay for? What does the club do with the portion of the auction money that they keep?

Membership fees and auction income go directly into a club bank account in order to pay for the following:

  • Building rental

  • Speakers and their travel costs

  • Snacks and refreshments

  • Office supplies (pens, notebooks, labels, index cards, etc.)

  • Auction supplies (tubs, lanyards for visitors, etc.)

  • Door prizes, raffle items, or other contest items

  • Software (accounting, website, and other subscriptions)

  • Hardware (computer, projector, etc.)

  • Upfront costs for club merchandise 

  • Advertising supplies (banner, business cards, etc.)


Do Board Members get paid for their services?

No. Board members take no form of monetary payment (or otherwise) from the club. 


Do I need to RSVP for a club meeting?

You do NOT need to RSVP to any club meetings. The RSVP system is simply a tool to help you remember when club meetings are happening and help the board make an estimate on how many members will be attending. 


How do I participate in a club auction?

Auction information can be found here.

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