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Support Willamette Valley Aquarium Society

Your Generosity Makes a Splash!

Willamette Valley Aquarium Society is run by aquarists, for aquarists. Every bit of support we can get is warmly welcome, and our members have a reputation for donating whatever they can. Do you want to help keep things running smoothly so we can continue to do what we love doing? Contribute today and make a difference!

Image by Huy Phan

Fours Ways to Give Back

Because without you, we couldn't do what we do best.

A Helping Hand

One Time Donation

Make a one-time donation to support The Willamette Aquarium Society's ongoing projects and activities. Every little bit counts and brings us closer to our goals.

Foundational Giving

Sponsorship Opportunities

Explore sponsorship options for businesses and individuals looking to make a significant impact on our society. Your sponsorship helps fund specific programs and events, and we offer various recognition packages.


Recurring Donations

Become a sustaining member by contributing a monthly amount. Sustaining memberships provide stable support, allowing us to plan and implement long-term projects for the benefit of our community.

Join Us as a Member


Your membership not only opens doors to endless aquatic wonders but also supports our mission to promote responsible fish-keeping practices and community engagement. Ready to make a splash? Join today and let the aquatic adventure begin!

Donation Opportunities

Current Donors and Sponsors

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